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Gain Clarity, Boost Confidence, and Drive ROI - In As Little As 60 Days

Many organizations have strategies but they are either incomplete, out of date, or not used – leaving gaps and inefficiencies that leaves business on the table. 

When this happens, organizations and business leaders aren’t living up to their promises to their clients, customers, and employees.

We get it. 

Updating and developing strategies takes time and focus which is why organizations tend to put off this critical initiative. 

That’s why we offer Intensives. 

Our strategy intensives deliver a complete and actionable plan in as little as 60 days. Beyond a strategy, the intensive includes a step-by-step guide to align your internal and external teams and to delight your customers and clients. 

Let us take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best: leading your business to greater heights.

Ready to close the gaps? 

Apply for our intensives.

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What Is An Intensive






eyeBrand intensives are a concentrated and collaborative team engagement designed to transform your business and marketing strategy in as little as 60 days. 

We work closely with you to distill your vision into a comprehensive, actionable strategy and plan that will guide your brand forward. This intensive process brings clarity, alignment and focus to your entire internal and external leadership and marketing teams.

The result is a clear strategy, an executable roadmap and greater confidence in your leadership. 

1. In-Depth & Holistic

We evaluate your current marketing strategy against your goals and find the gaps costing you business, revenue and market share.

2. Inclusive

Key leadership and internal and external teams and partners are fully engaged, ensuring their challenges and objectives are overcome in the strategy and roadmap.

3. Collaborative & Confidential

We foster an atmosphere of collaboration and confidentiality to uncover areas sabotaging and undermining your marketing and leadership.

4. Opportunistic

Intensives uncover gaps, weaknesses and misalignment in your marketing strategy and teams preventing you from achieving results.


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