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Enhancing Your ROL
Are You Measuring Your Return on Leadership (ROL)?

In the business world, Return on Investment (ROI) is a widely accepted metric to evaluate the success of a marketing program. At eyeBrand, our commitment to providing Clarity, Confidence, and ROI is central to our mission. We pride ourselves on delivering measurable results that justify the investment our clients make in us.

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Ending the fight between sales and marketing
Ending the Fight Between Sales and Marketing

Sales teams are the lifeblood of any organization, tasked with the critical job of closing deals and driving revenue. Their ability to convert prospects into customers is essential for growth and sustainability.

However, even the most skilled salespeople need a steady stream of potential customers to work with. This is where the marketing team plays a pivotal role.

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Choosing Advocates Over Vendors
Choosing Advocates Over Vendors: A Strategic Approach for Lasting Success

As a CEO, you understand the frustration of continuously having to remind your vendors of your brand’s core mission, vision, and what truly matters to your company. This ongoing challenge can lead to apathy and a lack of connectedness, often resulting in mediocre outcomes. The key to avoiding this pitfall is simple yet profound: choose advocates over mere vendors.

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