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Enhancing the Patient Experience: A Personal Reflection
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A Personal Reflection

Enhancing the Patient Experience: A Personal Reflection


I recently had hand surgery to fix carpal tunnel and release a few trigger fingers. I guess I’ve been spending too much time at my computer.

During post-op therapy, I was handed a black-and-white packet of handouts, clearly copied from a copy; with off-center content, grainy illustrations, and hard-to-read captions. These were the critical instructions on how to care for my hand for the next month.

Verbal instructions were also given to me but at a rapid-fire pace while I was wincing at the therapist moving my hand and taking out stitches.

Fast forward a week later when I tried to recall the verbal instructions as they were not in the printout. Add to that, I wondered if my recovery was ‘on track’ and what to expect next.
As a marketer who is obsessed with process and brand consistency, I shared my thoughts with my wife (ok, I vented), about how easy it would be for the therapist’s office to provide me with an experience that would not only give me peace of mind, but would allow them to deliver a 5-Star experience.

The Brand Needs To Understand:

  • While the post-op/therapy instruction is routine for them, their patients are likely new to this and could be overwhelmed
  • Patients have likely never done this before and has no idea what to expect
  • If the patient doesn’t do what is expected, their recovery could take longer, run into complications, or could lead to further problems
Solving this problem can be very simple by using a good database, automated email sequences, a custom landing page, and targeted content.

Here’s how:


Send the patient a welcome email featuring:

  • Personalized welcome from the patient’s actual therapist
  • A reminder of the importance of therapy as it relates to the patient’s desired outcome – 100% recovery
  • Assurance that the therapist is there throughout the entire recovery process
  • Therapist’s Mission Statement
  • A link to a landing page giving the patient resources aiding their recovery

Set up a resource page that has:

  • Links to information and resources related to their SPECIFIC injury and post-op care including
    • Short instructional videos/animations showing exercises they want the patient to do and how to do them
    • A timeline of what to expect each week during the recovery so the patient can see if they are on track
    • Things to watch out for in the way of infections or potential issues
  • Link to email the therapist’s office for questions or concerns

Weekly progress emails

  • Send an automated email each week
    • Ask how things are going
    • Remind them what they should expect in their recovery this coming week
    • Progress tracker to encourage them to do their at home therapy
    • Things to watch out for

Thank you email

  • Congratulations on ‘graduating’ from therapy
  • A personal note from their therapist
  • Link to a survey or review platform or link to submit a testimonial

More Application

Beyond receiving these ‘service-related’ emails, the patient can also receive related wellness-related marketing emails with general health-related content to help the patient be healthy. 

By staying connected to the patient, the therapist and the associated doctor’s office or health facility can nurture a relationship with this patient, provide health-related content and programs, and invite them to upcoming health-related events and activities.

This simple – and automated – plan can help patients feel confident in their recovery process, and could even help improve their health down the road while connecting them to the healthcare brand. If the therapy patient doesn’t regularly see a doctor, this experience and communication could encourage a check up or spark an overdue conversation.
I do understand that HIPPA requirements may impact this specific strategy for this healthcare provider. But I regularly see missed opportunities in other industries, sectors, and businesses leading to blown chances to exceed customer’s needs and elevate their brand. 



The Bottom Line

People have emotional and transactional needs that are often left unmet by the brands they do business with. Seeing these gaps and putting strategies in place can be very simple but could have a long-lasting impact the your brand and its growth.

Seeing these gaps and putting strategies in place can be very simple and could have a long-lasting impact on your brand and bottom line.


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