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Content That Drives Leads and
Engages Visitors


Content Is Key To Organic Search Ranking And Connecting With Potential Leads

We write. We post. Done.

We write SEO Optimized Content week after week for Blogs, Social Media and Website Pages.

Content is what Google uses to rank your website. Content is also what your potential leads are looking for before they search for you.

If the content on your website doesn’t change and you aren’t constantly providing NEW and ENGAGING content in your digital marketing plan, then your business will become LESS RELEVANT. Successful Digital Marketing is about writing content that ALIGNS with your business goals, CONNECTS with your target audience and DRIVES people to take the action that you want.

But writing new content is hard. And you have to be consistent about writing your content to see results.

That’s why we make it easy. We provide SEO optimized content service that gives you relevant, fully researched, 100% original content that supports your strategy and we deliver it on a regular basis.

Here’s What To Expect When We Write Your SEO Optimized Content

As with any digital marketing tool, we start with STRATEGY. What do you need the content to do? Drive leads? Educate people? Sell a new service or product?

We take the time to understand your brand, your competitors and your industry so that your content can stand out from the rest AND is connected to your business goals.

We take the time to understand your brand story,  your voice and your communication style. Your SEO content will match your social media personality and align with the rest of your brand communications to provide a cohesive voice to your content.

Using keywords is an art and a science. While you need the right keywords to get your content to rank for relevant searches, you can’t just throw in keywords into your content. Content has to be natural but still help you rank for the keywords you want in search engine results.

Your content will feature important keywords to help it be found and that will CONNECT with the people reading your content.

Google won’t rank copied content and may actually penalize your website if you use content that is not your own.

The SEO optimized content we develop for your brand will be 100% original and unique.

Content Marketing must be an ongoing activity in order to achieve the results you want. We will create a content creation and publishing schedule that keep us delivering new content on a weekly or monthly basis.

For blog posts and articles, our content generally range between 500 and 1,000 word articles. This is a balance between what you need to say and what your readers will actually take the time to read.  Our content is also organized to help readers skim the content and to help drive action.

Generally blog posts are short articles between 500 and 1,000 words that are designed to entertain, education and, most importantly, drive people to connect with you. We also provide content for your landing pages that are strategically designed to move a visitor from a READER into a BUYER.

We offer unlimited revisions to the content that we write for you to ensure that the content that you present is authentic and that you are 100% pleased.

Each piece of content that we write will include an image to help draw attention and to add interest to your content. Images are high-quality images that can be customized to the content and your brand.

Start driving leads with unique and engaging SEO Optimized content. 

Content Marketing builds brands, provides value and helps improve your website organic search ranking. Let’s talk about how content marketing can help you.

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