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Using Paid Search To Capture Potential Leads Who Are
Actively Searching And In The Market NOW

Don’t Spend Your Budget
On The Wrong Clicks

No matter where your website ranks organically, your website CAN be on page one and in front of your target audience with paid search ads.

But how do you make sure you are investing in the right keywords and not spending too much for each click?

AND how do you make sure the RIGHT people are clicking on your ads?

We Design Your Campaigns For Success

Getting started with Google AdWords is easy. It takes about 10 minutes to set everything up. But to get an actual return on your investment and see the results you want – namely new leads to your business that actually become paying customers – takes hard work and regular attention, optimization and management.

When we manage your paid search campaigns, we do more than add keywords and build a couple ads. Our team designs your campaigns based on YOUR business, YOUR goals and YOUR investment level.

Here’s What To Expect When We Manage Your Paid Search Campaigns

We first develop a strategy specific to paid search. We take the time to understand our clients business, the target audience they want to reach and which audience they do NOT want to reach. The paid search strategy helps us understand WHAT is important to our client’s target audience and HOW they are searching for solutions.

The strategy also takes into account important criteria given to us by our clients, such as, budget, timeframe, cost they are willing to pay for each click, what products or services are most profitable for our client and the value of a converted click – that is, how much is a new customer worth to them. By understanding and accounting for this information helps us set the groundwork for providing a measurable ROI on their paid search investment.

We don’t just throw the most common keywords into a campaign. We look at the cost and popularity of keywords, the competition for the keywords and determine which groups of keywords will be most effective – in terms of cost and performance – based on our clients goals, budget and expected performance. Quality keywords are always better than quantity.

Each client is different. Each client’s business is different. Therefore, each paid search campaign needs to be different. Using data from our clients Google Analytics, we match up the campaign attributes with our client’s business performance. For some clients, it is best to only drive traffic to their website when the business is open. For others, their best target audience is active in the mornings so we may limit advertising at night when the potential customers are not online.

Understanding our client’s business model and their customer’s behavior helps us further make sure the campaigns we create are efficient and have the best chance for success.

The goal of Paid Search advertising is to drive clicks to a website. Just by setting up a Paid Search campaign and adding budget WILL get people to click through to your website. But our clients are not really paying for clicks. They are paying for people to visit their website and become a PAYING client – i.e. a conversion.

It doesn’t matter if we drive 4,000 people to a website in a month if none of them end up becoming a customer. It is not about clicks. It is about conversion.

Because our goals are conversion, our monthly reporting goes beyond showing clicks and impressions. We utilize tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and website tracking to show where your clicks are going once they hit your website and what they are doing. By measuring clicks ON the website, not just to the website, we can adjust and optimize the campaigns and measure success.

Showing clicks to a website is great. It shows that your paid search campaigns are drawing eyeballs and interest to your business. But are those clicks actually turning into new business? Whenever possible, we create goals and ROI models to show you actually how much new business is a result of your paid search investment.

For example, let’s say you know that it takes 10 leads to result in a new customer and each new customer is worth $100 now and will also spend another $900 over the course of one year.

By knowing this information and by setting up goals we can provide an ROI estimation. So, if we drive 100 new website visitors in a month through paid search, we can assume that 10 of them will be paying customers at a value of $1,000 per customer. So, that month’s paid search investment resulted in $10,000 in new business.

By understanding the incremental dollar amount the paid search campaigns are driving, it is easier to evaluate your paid search investment and to calculate an ROI.

One the most common mistakes people make in their paid search campaigns is to leave it alone. That is, once they set up their campaigns, set their budget and input their keywords, they leave it run without making any adjustments.

But successful campaigns require frequent tweaks to add and remove keywords and to adjust your budget so that you are not spending your budget on non-performing keywords or spending too much on a keyword that is not resulting in the clicks you want.

Adding Keywords and Optimizing bids

Your Google AdWords campaign records the actual search query that people used that resulted in your ad being shown. Knowing and using this information in your campaigns helps your campaign better serve your target audience.

Many paid search campaigns fail because when a visitor lands on your website, they end up on a home page or another page that either doesn’t match what they were looking for, is difficult to navigate or doesn’t efficiently move the visitor to action you want – clicking for more information, calling, adding a product to their shopping cart, etc.

We help paid search campaigns succeed by creating landing pages designed for conversion. That is, a landing page that delivers on the promise your paid search ad made and results in giving you a lead.

We provide interactive monthly reports where you can really dig into your campaign data. In addition to the reports, we review the campaign performance and present insights and recommendations for continuous improvement in your campaigns. As part of your team, our eyes are always on YOUR GOALS.

Don’t Let Another Month Go By Without Connecting With People Who Are Looking For You

People are actively seeking the services and products you provide right now. By engaging in paid search advertising, your ads can be right in front of them AS THEY ARE SEARCHING. So instead of waiting for them to find your business, DRIVE them to your business.

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