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Attract. Engage. Bind.

Get Ready for Impact.

“More Insight and Practical Strategy Than Every Other Advisor”

Rick Pumo, owner Illinois Health Insurance Services

“One of the most remarkable things about Omar, is that he cares more about my business than my website. In our first meeting, Omar provided more insight and practical strategy than every other consultant, coach, and advisor before him. It is wonderful to have him as a trusted resource for my brokerage.”

For over 20 years, I have helped struggling business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and more find out who they are, what they want and who they want to help.  As a result, we are able to come up with amazing new and exciting ways to reach the right people, their ideal customer or client, with the right message that appeals to them.

Online Marketing has been saturated with tactic-centric implementation, but completely overlooking what’s in the best interest of the people they are trying to reach.

Your website can be # 1 on Google, but if your website (or your social media and any other marketing medium you implement) does not appeal to the specific human need your customers’ want to address, then your marketing tools and tactics don’t matter.

Humanity Attracts, Engages & Binds

When prospective clients call me they almost always want to talk about the website or marketing tactic they have been convinced they need to implement to take their business to the next level.  The truth is, sometimes the hard truth, many business owners forget (or sadly don’t know) about the needs of their customers and what drives them to engage and/or buy.

I help and challenge my clients to not only dig deep in their own lives and thought processes but also dig deep in their customers.

Their most pressing thoughts, issues, and desires are what drive your prospective and current clients to engage and commit to you.  Go back to being human and put yourself in their shoes and you may become their greatest asset, partner, and friend.

Once your mindset is all about learning what influences your ideal client, your marketing tactics will be laser-focused, easier to create, smoother to implement and produce the results you want…not only for yourself but for your customers!

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Omar will advise and help you:

  • Learn What Influences Your Ideal Customer
  • Formulate an Action Plan to Engage Your Customer
  • How to Write Attractive, Engaging Content
  • Advise You on Which Online Marketing Platforms to Use
  • Partner with You in a Long-Term Commitment to Win
  • And more…

My Recent Projects

I have Helped Amazing People Like You

“Omar takes the time upfront to really dig into your business goals and what you are really asking for. Sure, you may be asking for a website but you are really asking for him to help find and drive the RIGHT people to your business. With a strong business sense and passion for helping his clients succeed, Omar is truly an asset to any business or organization looking to go to the next level. You get more value and more expertise than you pay for.”

Steve Muscato - 20+ years of Digital Marketing experienceSteve Muscato, eyeBrand

“Directly through Omar’s ideas, even down to the color scheme of the site itself, my site has increased traffic, but moreover has increased customer inquiries and that’s huge!  I cannot speak more highly of the genius Omar is when it comes to online marketing and web design.”

Bob Garon, Owner, Synergy Kettllebell

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Omar for several months. He is by far the easiest web person I’ve ever worked with, and his work is impeccable. Great design skills, and listens to what my needs are….and DELIVERS what I want in a website. His coaching sessions enable me to understand how to make changes to my site and optimize my site. He has a vast understanding of SEO. I love working with him professionally and am happy to call him a friend (because you can’t help but really like this guy, he’s the real deal both personally and professionally!). I’d give him 10 stars if I could :)”

PJ Cardona, Certified LED Light Therapist, Lights & Health
“Omar’s process in helping an entrepreneur brand their business is not only effective but also unique. During a session with him he asks powerful questions. He took the time to not only understand my business goals but also understand my personality and this created a very effective partnership. I value his opinions and guidance and highly recommend his services.”
Sharon Rodriguez, Strategic Human Resources Leader

“Omar has the ability to communicate with purpose and compassion the message that you are trying to convey in ways that you may never even know existed. Omar has a talent for seeing hidden potential and connecting with people on a human level and is not just passionate about your website, he is passionate about helping clients reach their hidden potential!”

Jay Nau, Therapist, Restoring the Soul

“Omar “treats the whole patient” in that before he will even BEGIN to design, he wants to understand the target market(s) and objective(s). Many people can design websites, but Omar is in a class by himself in that he “gets” marketing… realizing that you have to know where you’re going BEFORE you start the journey.”

Kevin Kinsella, Vistage Chair

Omar started his career in IT, the Internet and Marketing in 1993 when he received his first job as a lock-box coordinator for the local MLS in Arlington Heights, IL. 

With no degree or plans to ever work in a corporate or office environment, he found himself in an interview, based on a promise he made to his dear cousin Cindy. This interview led to a career and a life he never would have dreamed of. Little did he know, this out of work construction laborer and musician was now on a path to an amazing career in IT, Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Advising and much more.

Omar is blessed to be married to the love of his life, MaryAnn. Has so much pride in his 5 amazing, strong and resilient children, ages 24-17 and two fun and wonderful step-sons, 13 and 6. The best places to be for him is wherever his wife is…and Colorado!

You may also find him at his favorite coffee houses in Geneva or St. Charles, IL, Sox Park, a Cougars game, Hiking and more.

Omar is a Brian Injury Advocate/Speaker for ThinkFirst and Faith & Freedom Mentor/Speaker for area churches.

You can reach Omar directly at or call him at 630-901-3467.

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