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Local SEO and Review Management

Make Sure Your Potential Customers Can Find You

Generate New Leads AND Help Get Positive Reviews For Your Business

People use Google to search for local businesses by using keywords, town names and even with “near me“. If your listings are not accurate, incomplete or not optimized, your business may not be found in local Google searches.

As a business who has a physical address where you do business with customers, it is critical to drive customers into your location and not just to your website.

That’s why investing in local search is so important.

Features Of Our Local Listings Management Program

We can correct and update your local listings with all the TOP Local Listing Directories. We then OPTIMIZE your listings so they appear in local searches and in front of people who are seeking businesses like yours.

We submit your latest business information to the top 48+ local listing platforms including Google, Yelp and Facebook.  When your business information needs updating, we can update your listings for you.

Our system will notify you instantly when a customer gives your business a review you anywhere on the web.

You have access to a customized dashboard for your locations to make it easy for you to update your own locations and to get all your listing, reviews and feedback information – all in one place.

Our platform gives you the ability to send review invitations to your customers so you can get more positive AND PUBLIC reviews.  We can even help post reviews on your website.

Respond back to reviews on Google, Yelp and other sites directly from your customized eyeBrand listing platform

Generate more 4 and 5 star rated reviews for your business using eyeBrand’s dashboard.

Listen to your customers’ suggestions for improvements that you need to make to your business.

Our powerful analytics component keeps track of how each location is performing and you can export reports anytime.

Drive More Business, Get Found and Generate More Reviews

Local Listing Clean-Up, Management And Customer Review Generation Program

  • Claim your business location(s)
  • Enter and update your business NAC (Name, Address and Contact Information) in 48+ local directories
  • Correct errors, as detected
  • Add key business information such as payment methods, holiday hours, location-specific offers and more.
  • Optimize your listings with important keywords to aid in Organic Search
  • Monthly monitoring of your listings – check for errors, duplicates or inconsistencies
  • Monthly Listing Management to Update Listings As Needed / Requested
  • Online Review Generation Program
  • Customized Listing Dashboard
  • Semi-annual local listing report
  • One-Year Subscription
  • Discount on additional locations

Check Your Business Listings Now

Check your listings for free right now to see how they appear across 48 of the major local listing providers.
If your listings are incorrect, inconsistent or missing information, you could be losing leads from people who are looking for businesses like you.

Learn More About Local Listings

Type in any business name, service or product and use a geo-modifier (example, “pet stores” in “Chicago”) into Google and you will most likely see a section that lists a handful of business names, addresses, contact information, location on a map, etc. that match your search. This section is the local listings.

The reason these listings exist, is that Google assumes that when you use a location modifier in your search, like ‘Chicago’ or ‘near me’, that you are looking for a business with a physical location.

local listing directories

No. Google’s algorithm will choose the businesses that appear in the local listings based on a variety of criteria including (but not limited to):

  • Proximity of the business to your search based on the IP address of your device
  • Optimization of your listing based on keywords
  • Quality of your listing information (accuracy, consistency, completeness)
  • Quality of your website

Google wants to make sure that only the BEST and MOST RELEVANT options are shown to people searching for a business, not options that are there because someone paid to be there.

Many directories update their listing information monthly while others may only update their information once a year. In addition, many providers get your business information from the internet and not directly from you. These are called citations. The more citations about your business that are consistent with your actual information, the more likely it will be that your business information will be correct.

There are literally THOUSANDS of online directories and local listing sources where your business appear. From well known websites like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, 411, CitySearch and Factual (to name just a few). So getting your business listing to appear consistently and accurately across all of those platforms can be challenging and time-consuming.

Generally, you will need to submit your information to each platform separately, making sure you submit the same information on each website.

The good news, is that we can update your local listings across most of those thousand platforms and websites within days. Plus, if your information changes – like you add new store hours, a new phone number or new services – we can update your listings instantly.  This gives your listing the advantage over your competitors who have to wait months for their listings to update organically.

Quite simply, you are likely to lose out because most people searching for a local business tend to click from the local listing section. Your business can also lose out if the information found in the local listing section is incorrect, outdated or missing.

If you have more than one location, you will usually need to update each directory separately.

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