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Experience. Leadership. Vision.

Making Your Business, Our Business.

Passion. Experience.

When getting advice for your business, you want experience that will get results.


I’ve seen businesses of all sizes struggle with Digital Marketing. There is so much to know. So many tools to use. It is overwhelming. It takes 5 minutes to set up a Facebook page or a Google AdWords account and only 5 more minutes to start drowning trying to figure out how to use the tool for your business.

So you walk away and promise to figure it out later.

You just want someone who knows the tools, can create a plan for your business and just ‘run with it’.

This is why I started eyeBrand.  I wanted to help businesses who struggle with digital marketing and who don’t have a full marketing team to do the work. Not just big Fortune 100 businesses with massive budgets but any size business. Businesses run by entrepreneurs who live and breathe their business.  Non profit organizations who work tirelessly for causes that matter. For start-ups who have way more on their plate than they can handle.

I have spent over 20 years working for some of the biggest, global brands out there including Sony and Bridgestone in Advertising, Sales Promotion, Branding and Digital Marketing. My job was to use all the tools available to find new customers, invite them into the brand and help the business turn them into life-long, profitable customers.

Let’s talk about your business and about the goals you want to achieve.

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