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 Be Confident That You Are Working On The Right Things

We’ll give you the Road Map to make good decisions that will help you reach your goals.

How much easier would running your business be with a roadmap?

And what if this roadmap showed you the path from where you are right now to where you really want to go?

As a business owner, you make important decisions every day. Make the wrong decision and it could cost you money or the upper hand over your competition. That’s why you get as much information as you can so your decisions will move your business closer towards your goals.

What if you could see opportunities where your business can improve AND have a plan in your hands that will get that improvement? This roadmap would be your guide, help you make the right decisions and avoid the wrong ones that will only cost you money.

How Does A Roadmap Help Me Improve My Business?

A roadmapping session helps identify the right problems, presents solutions and gives you a better sense of how what it will take to see results. This reduces the risk of losing time and money of working on the wrong problem or not taking action at all.

Benefits of a roadmapping session include:

  • A better understanding of the situation that you are in and how you got there
  • Confidence that you will be working on the right problems that will move your business
  • Identification of solutions and opportunities that will directly address the problems
  • A better understanding of the investment that you will need to make when working on solutions
  • Access to a valuable resource partner who can bring together the right team to work towards your goals

What’s In The Roadmap?

This is not an automated report but a customized, deep dive into your business performed by experienced digital marketing specialists that will add value right from the start and give you solutions that you can implement RIGHT NOW.

Click each point to learn more:

We’ll guide you throughout the road mapping session so you get valuable information to help you make informed decisions in your marketing. You’ll meet with our top consultants who will go in-depth into:

  • Helping define realistic and achievable business goals
  • Identifying the problems, roadblocks and top issues that is preventing your brand from the success you want to see
  • Helping you determine which projects, initiatives and programs to implement and which ones won’t immediately help your brand
  • Formulating the right marketing budget so you can invest in the right areas and with the right amount
  • Review what work, marketing and campaigns you have already invested in that is working and what may not be helping you

Is your marketing going to help you achieve your goals? 

We’ll help you clarify and visualize your top goals and objectives. By knowing exactly what your goals are, we can help you align your marketing efforts to help you reach those goals.

How do you compare to your key competitors who are vying for the same customers and keywords?

  • We’ll show you traffic comparisons, keyword comparisons and how well your website compares to your top competitors
  • How much opportunity (sales, leads, customers) are you leaving on the table based on the quality of your website’s SEO

What does your website look like to Google? Is your website optimized so your website can rank for keywords that are important to reaching your goals?

  • We’ll review your website structure
  • Are you using the right keywords and using them correctly to rank in search?
  • Are your pages optimized so they appear in search engine results?
  • Do you have pages that are ranking that shouldn’t or have pages that aren’t ranking but should?

Is your website helping you or hurting your chances of earning new customers and driving website traffic?

  • Speed Test
    • Is the speed of your website hurting your SEO or causing your potential customers to leave your site?
  • Site Structure
    • Is your website set up correctly for site ranking and a great user experience?
  • Content overview
    • Do you have the right content to rank in search and lead your site visitors to your business?
  • Conversion rate analysis
    • Once people get to your website, can they navigate the site to do what you need them to do?

Are you paying too much for clicks? Are you investing enough in your campaigns to get results? Are you targeting and reaching the right audience? Are you using the right keywords? 

We’ll look at your Google Ad Words account as well as current and past campaigns:

  • Account structure recommendations
  • Review of existing campaigns to identify areas to reduce waste and improve efficiency
  • Campaign optimizations based on location, device, day of week/time of day, and average position
  • Campaign budget and bid strategy guidance
  • Extensive review of keywords and match types
  • Review of the Search Terms report to make sure you’re only bidding on high performing, relevant keywords
  • Brand and Non-Brand Impression Share analysis to see what traffic you are missing out on due to low budgets and low bids
  • Expansion recommendations

What is your website data telling you and what should you be looking for in your own data?

  • Is your Google Analytics set up and tracking data correctly?
  • We’ll review your Google Analytics account and pull out the most relevant information to help you make better decisions
  • We’ll create an easy to read and always updated custom dashboard so you can see and read your data
  • We’ll review goal and event tracking to help determine if your marketing is actually driving leads, closing sales or returning a positive ROI

Are you using Social Media correctly to reach and engage the right people?

  • We’ll review the social media platforms you are currently using
  • Recommend the social channels you should be using based on your brand, your customers and your business goals
  • We’ll review the content you are creating to see if it is relevant to the audience you are trying to reach

How Much Value Will This Roadmapping Session Bring Me And To My Business?

The cost of a roadmapping session will vary based on your unique business, your goals, your objectives and what programs, strategies and initiatives you are already doing. But the goal of a roadmapping session is to multiply your investment and deliver MORE leads, MORE customers, MORE business and MORE value than you will be paying.

So the real questions are…

  • How much do I value knowing what the REAL problems are that is causing my current situation?
  • How long have I been in this situation?
  • What have I already spent trying to change this situation on my own?
  • How much sales, revenue, profits or productivity have I lost in this situation?
  • How much am I (and those who work for me) frustrated because of this situation?
  • What would be different if this situation was fixed (higher website conversion, more leads, more dollars per sale, etc.)?

Not knowing the right problems that are causing your current situation is already costing your business money every day. But unlike other costs in your business, a roadmapping session can bring about a positive return on your investment – and usually pretty quickly.

You don’t have to spend another month hoping what you are doing will suddenly ‘click’. Breathe easier knowing you have a plan to guide your business towards your goals.

Start Moving Your Business. Get Started Today.

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