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5 Reasons Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant Can Save Your Company Money

Launching and maintaining a business is challenging enough. From hiring the right people to satisfying your customers and growing your sales and your client base, business owners have their plates full handling the day-to-day operations.

On top of all that, your customers are relying more on digital technology and social media which is forcing you to shift gears and venture into unknown territory when it comes to your marketing. In today’s business landscape, digital-savvy consumers turn to the Internet for everything from social sharing to entertainment to shopping. Traditional marketing and advertising tactics such as cold calls, billboards, trade shows, and TV ads aren’t enough. To grow your brand and generate more leads, you need to add digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing, website marketing, and social media marketing.

To keep your business competitive and relevant in the digital age, you need access to people with the right skills and experience. Consultants that specialize in digital marketing can help you get started in digital marketing or can enhance your overall marketing efforts so your brand grows and you can reach new customers.

However, if you think that hiring an outside digital marketing consultant is expensive or inefficient, it may surprise you to learn that investing in a digital marketing consultant can actually pay you back by driving new customers.

Here’s how:

1. Digital Consultants Are Skilled and Experienced. No Training Required.

While you may have an in-house team of talented marketers, they might not have the right experience, skills, and resources needed to handle your digital marketing. To successfully integrate digital marketing into your marketing efforts, you need experts. Training your existing staff means spending more to ensure they’re able to take advantage of the latest tools and best-practices. There is a lot to learn about the best digital marketing practices. And with the learning curve to consider, you’re ultimately losing money and productivity during the time they’re navigating their way through the complexities of digital marketing.

2. Digital Consultants Are Equipped with the Right Tools.

It’s true that there are plenty of free digital marketing tools and software out there. However, features are typically limited. To take on your business goals using digital marketing means you will likely have to invest in full-feature software and other technologies. And once you have, you need to learn how to use them and apply them to your particular business or industry; this will take some time.

A digital marketing consultant already has access to these solutions and tools – from digital analytics to social media marketing to email marketing and more. They know how to use the tools and software effectively which increases your chances of reaching your goals quicker.

3. Digital Consultants Implement Strategies So You See Results Faster.

One of the primary goals in digital marketing is for your business to be found when someone is searching. This involves improving your search engine rankings. So, if your existing marketing team is unfamiliar with SEO, content and website optimization, then you’re spending money without seeing the results because your website is not being seen.

Hiring a digital marketing consultant results in campaigns that are quicker to implement and lead to better results. They know how to keep your audience engaged and analyze the data that reveal if the efforts are effective. The expertise and insight of digital marketing consultants mean not losing money to inexperience. Their digital marketing campaigns are targeted and measurable. And because digital marketing consultants have access to the right tools and technologies, they can use only the tools needed to get the job done – again saving time and resources.

4. Digital Consultants Have Teams Behind Them.

How much do you think it would cost to recruit, interview, train, and employ a full digital marketing team? To start, you need a marketing strategist to to create a strategic plan for your business and for your particular goals, create an execution plan, and ensure all your efforts are aligned and on track. Depending on your strategy, you may also need a social media manager who manages your social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities such as the creation, curation, and management of all published content.

And speaking of content, a digital consultant has teams that create the content you need for ads, website pages, email and other digital applications. Their copywriters know how to write copy that gets found in searches and engages your audience. They also know how to get that content ranked in search engines and in front of your target audience. As video content continues to increase in importance, a digital marketing consultant can bring on a videographer to support your overall content strategy. To complete your digital marketing team, having someone look at the data and make recommendations and improvements based on results is critical for ongoing improvements and success.

Because each company has different your needs, a digital consultant will help you identify what you need and who you need on your digital team based on your goals and resources.

5. Digital Consultants Help Business Owners Focus Their Time on Business Growth

You are busy and you already have a lot to handle in your business. When you are trying to learn digital marketing or develop a digital marketing team you are taking time away from your business. By hiring a digital marketing consultant to create, lead and direct your digital marketing strategies and programs, you can spend your time growing your business, nurturing your team and developing deeper relationships with your customers.

By working with experts, you can rest assured that they are focused on your business goals while you are spending valuable time IN your business.

The Take Away

You don’t need to be a human resources specialist to know that maintaining an in-house digital marketing team will ultimately cost you thousands.

When you hire a digital marketing consultant, you only pay for what you need. You can hire a consultant on a project-by-project basis which is ideal for when you’re launching a new product or service. Or when you need guidance and insights. Or you can bring on a consultant on longer-term, retainer basis so that they become part of your team and are always focused on reaching your long term goals.

The advantage of hiring a digital marketing consultant means they handle everything, relieving you from the burden of managing a whole team of individuals. It means saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries, benefits, and equipment. Remember, employing a full-time team means not only compensating them for the hours they are working but equipping them with office space, software, and hardware and other necessary resources to perform their jobs.

Digital marketing is continuously evolving. From new algorithms changing what we see in our social media feeds and search results to Google rewarding mobile-friendly websites with higher rankings to chatbots resolving customer service issues.  Having a digital marketing consultant to help your business take full advantage of the tools out there to help grow your business is an investment worth making.

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