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You’ve Got A Team Behind You

We bring our entire team to your brand to deliver the results you want. 


In Digital Marketing, it takes a team with experience and expertise to bring results. Let our team show you how to use the digital marketing tools to deliver the results you want.

STEVE MUSCATODigital Marketing Director, Content Development, Advisor/Coach
Steve leads the entire eyeBrand team and brings together the right people and resources to deliver on the strategy that ultimately drives your business.

Over 20 years working with Fortune 500 companies building their brand, connecting with their target audiences and developing long-term and profitable relationships.

OMAR TREVINODesign & Development Director, Website Business Coach
Omar leads the team that builds the solid foundation for your business so your website WILL work hard to drive the business you want.

Over 20 years of designing and building websites that drive traffic, convert leads into customers and helps brands stay on top of the search result pages for keywords that matter most.

LAUREN ROOKEGoogle AdWords Expert and Google AdWords Certified Professional
Lauren leads the team that finds our client’s target audience and drives them to our clients.

With 10 years of Digital Advertising experience working for Google, Lauren develops and manages high performing digital marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients. Certified in all Google Digital Advertising, your next customer will find you.

JEREMY LITWICKISEO Mastermind and Architect and Google Analytics Certified Partner
Jeremy leads the team that works to put your website on page one of Google for the search terms and keywords that are MOST VALUABLE to your business.

Over a decade of experience building highly effective SEO campaigns that get our clients website to the top of search engine results pages for the keywords that drive profits.

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